Benner prison officials cleared of assault allegations, police say

State police at Rockview have cleared staff at Benner state prison of assaulting an inmate in March.

Police reported Saturday that an investigation of allegations from Quintez Talley, 29, who claimed that a staff member used excessive force against him while he was assaulting the same staff member were unfounded. No criminal acts were found to be committed by the staff.

On Wednesday, the inmate waived his preliminary hearings on two separate cases of felony aggravated harassment by a prisoner.

According to court documents, Talley was confined to a psychiatric observation cell at the time and collected urine in a milk carton, which he threw at a corrections officer, hitting him in the face, chest and waist on June 5. He claimed it was retaliation for not being fed dinner the day before.

“I bet you aren’t going to burn me for my food again. I got you,” he allegedly told the officer. Prison officials said Talley was moved to the restrictive housing unit after setting a fire in his cell on the day in question, and when he arrived in the new unit, those inmates had already eaten.

Two weeks later, police say, he hurled urine at a different corrections officer who attempted to check on his well-being.

Talley still has charges of arson, risking a catastrophe, reckless endangerment and institutional vandalism pending trial stemming from another March incident.