Fleming pedophile gets 200+ year prison sentence

Joseph E. Bailey Sr.
Joseph E. Bailey Sr.

Almost six months to the day after being found guilty of child sex abuse and corruption of minors charges, a Fleming man was sentenced Monday by Judge Pamela A. Ruest to at least 203 years in state prison.

Charges were first filed against Joseph E. Bailey Sr., 33, in April 2013, according to court documents. Three cases involving three different people, all related to Bailey, saw him accused of charges including child rape, incest and furnishing alcohol to minors. A jury found Bailey guilty in April.

Bailey’s victims, who testified at the trial, and family members were present at the sentencing and had the opportunity to speak. One was in tears and said she still had nightmares over the incidents. In an impact statement read aloud by a victim’s advocate, another said Bailey “ruined my life.”

Bailey also was given a chance to address the courtroom. He maintained his innocence, saying that statements about him were “inaccurate” and that he was “not a predator.”

“I don’t get why I’m being portrayed as this monster,” he said, his voice cracking. “I’m not.”

District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, speaking directly after Bailey, reminded the court that Bailey had had his day in court and a chance to tell his side and that the jury unanimously found him guilty.

“This man is a real monster in the childhood of many people that testified in court,” Miller said.

Bailey sat expressionless as Ruest passed the sentence of 203-406 years in prison. She said the sentence was appropriate because of the lack of remorse and the impact of his actions on all involved.

“The defendant defied all bounds of decency and spared no one, leaving victim after victim of his sexual abuse in his wake,” Parks Miller said after the sentencing. “Fortunately, their courage has ensured no one else will ever suffer at his hands and they can move forward with their lives.”

“It will hopefully bring closure to the children and young women that so bravely testified,” Ruest said.

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