Patton Township man accused of throwing knife at roommate

An man is in the Centre County Correctional Facility accused of felony aggravated assault after a reported knife throwing incident Sunday, according to police.

Robert E. Balmforth, 33, of Patton Township, was apprehended by township police after they responded to a reported disturbance at 100 Kenly Court, according to the criminal complaint.

Police received the call shortly after 11 p.m., according to the complaint. The person who called was a female roommate of Balmforth, police said. The woman told police she did not know Balmforth well and had recently moved into the apartment.

The woman told police she had gone to Sheetz with a third roommate. Upon returning to the shared apartment, she found a VCR and television had been taken from her bedroom and the area was a mess, the complaint said.

She said she went to Balmforth’s room to ask him about the items and, when she opened the door, she found Balmforth holding a “large butcher-style knife,” police said.

Balmforth then called her a name and threw the knife at her, she told police, but closed the door in time that it did not hit her.

Police interviewed Balmforth in his bedroom and said he appeared to be under the influence of “alcohol or other substances,” according to documents. Police said they saw a knife in the room and marks on the door.

Balmforth originally denied the allegations but eventually told police he had yelled at the woman and thrown the knife, but “did not want to harm her,” police said.

Balmforth also faces misdemeanor simple assault and reckless endangerment charges and is being held on $30,000 cash bail, according to court documents. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 5.