Christopher Lee’s attorney seeks two separate trials

Christopher Lee’s attorney is asking for two trials for his client, arguing that some of the charges facing Lee “are not factually interrelated” to the other alleged offenses, according to a motion filed in federal court Friday.

Lee, 66, of Boalsburg, was arrested on federal child enticement, exploitation and child pornography charges in October.

Kyle Rude, Lee’s attorney, argued in the motion that the pornography charges should be tried separately because those counts are not related to the enticement allegations and because evidence in the child pornography charges was discovered through different search warrants and investigations, according to court documents.

The motion also stated that trying the charges together would prejudice the jury, as the child pornography charges would “suggest unfairly to the jury that he possesses the inclination or propensity to entice adolescent males to engage in sexual activity,” the motion read.

Lee’s trial is scheduled for Feb. 5 in Williamsport.