Inmates connected to Parks Miller investigation arrived in Centre County prison months apart

Robert Albro
Robert Albro

Ryan Richard came to Centre County as an inmate at Rockview state prison after pleading guilty to third-degree murder in Berks County in 1989, according to court documents.

He was set to be released in December 2012, when a family member reported to police that, in letters, Richard had threatened witnesses and prosecutors from his trial. He was charged with making terroristic threats Dec. 12, 2012, according to court documents, and was placed in Centre County Correctional Facility the next day, according to the prison website.

Additional charges of felony witness intimidation and two counts of terroristic threats were filed against Richard in April 2013. State College attorney Steve Trialonas was appointed by the court to represent Richard, and the case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Nathan Boob.

Some of the charges stemming from December 2012 were quashed, and Richard was found not guilty of other counts in a jury trial before Judge Jonathan D. Grine on Nov. 13, 2013. He was convicted of the three charges filed in April.

“My client undoubtedly appreciates the jury finding him not guilty on the seven counts related to the old letters, as he was innocent of those charges,” Trialonas said in an email. “We have filed a post-sentence motion related to the few counts that he was convicted of. To publicly comment further on the matter would be inappropriate, as it is still pending in court.”

That motion, filed with the prothonotary Dec. 24, 2014, states that it is “averred and believed” that Richard was the subject of an investigation by the commonwealth, through the Centre County District Attorney’s Office and state police, for solicitation of homicide, and asked any agency involved to provide any evidence generated from such an investigation to the defense, although charges have not been filed against Richard in connection with that investigation.

Trialonas said he is seeking a new trial for Richard. He is still held at the facility.

Albro was indicted by a grand jury on drug charges, arrested and taken to Centre County Correctional Facility to await trial in March 2013, according to the prison website.

A court order appointed Trialonas as Albro’s attorney on March 14, 2013, but that order was suspended by a May 30 order that appointed State College attorney Matt McClenahen as Albro’s counsel.

Court documents indicate Albro pleaded guilty before Judge Bradley P. Lunsford on Nov. 22, 2013, and was sentenced by Lunsford on Jan. 17, 2014, to nine to 30 years in state prison. He is serving that sentence.

McClenahen filed to withdraw as counsel for Albro in April 2014, according to court documents, and Albro is now represented by State College lawyer Julian Allatt, who declined to comment.