Spring Mills child sex suspect remains in jail after bail hearing

A Spring Mills man accused of child sex offenses was in court for a bail hearing Wednesday.

Edward Geier, 39, is in Centre County Correctional Facility in lieu of $150,000 cash bail. Bruce Manchester, Geier’s attorney, asked District Judge Leslie Dutchcot to release Geier on supervised bail. Geier himself pleaded his case before the judge. He told Dutchcot that he is not a flight risk or a threat. He collects disability for hip and back problems and his entire family lives in the area, both of which are reasons he would stay in the area if released, Geier said.

“I’m not a violent person,” Geier said.

Geier was arrested by state police on Feb. 24 and faces more than 1,000 child sex abuse charges. Manchester argued that Geier was aware of the state police investigation since it began in August, has been cooperative and did not attempt to flee. He has not had contact or attempted to contact the person he is suspected of abusing, Manchester said.

He is also the “sole provider” for his family and supplemented his income from disability through activity on eBay. Incarceration would close that source, and his wife is not opposed to supervised bail, Manchester said.

Assistant District Attorney Nathan Boob asked Dutchcot to change bail from $150,000 to $250,000. There is a risk of intimidation or harassment to the person he allegedly assaulted if Geier would be released, Boob said. He also pointed out that Geier pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property in 2010 and had a prior sex-related conviction in 2001 on indecent assault and corruption of minors charges.

“There’s a history here of a danger to the community,” Boob said.

Dutchcot decided not to release Geier, but did not raise bail either. The original amount set by District Judge Thomas Jordan after Geier was arrested is just as prohibitive as the higher number recommended by the prosecution.

Geier waived a preliminary hearing also scheduled for Wednesday.