Spring Township police don’t think abduction was attempted

More details have surfaced in what was then reported as an attempted abduction last week in Spring Township.

Spring Township police said the man accused by a teen of grabbing him last Thursday has been identified, but the man denies he tried to grab the teen. The man reportedly said he approached the teen about his cellphone, which was not working, and about making a phone call on his behalf and that that was the end of the encounter, according to police.

Spring Township Detective Dale Moore said the matter is still under investigation and the department is trying to determine all the facts and the sequence of events. They were able to determine that the man was not in a vehicle that evening and was on foot. They also think that an attempted abduction did not take place and that there was no threat to children in the area, Moore said.

According to police, the teen reported that he was jogging at about 5 p.m. Thursday in the area of Upper and Lower Coleville Road near the Graymont Lime Plant. The boy told police he had been approached by a man wearing a blue shirt with a Little League patch on it.

The teen said the man grabbed him by the arm and told him, “You’re coming with me,” police said. The teen said he broke free and ran into Bellefonte.

The teen told police he then saw the man drive past him about three times in a large SUV or truck with a cap on the bed, police said.