More rape, sex abuse charges filed against Spring Mills man

Edward Geier, left, leaves his arraignment on rape charges in front of District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker on Tuesday.
Edward Geier, left, leaves his arraignment on rape charges in front of District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker on Tuesday. CDT photo

Edward Geier stood before a district judge Tuesday for the second time this year to be arraigned on sex offense charges, and for the second time he left in handcuffs.

New charges, including rape and incest stemming from incidents in 2003 and 2007 were filed against Geier by state police Tuesday, and District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker set bail at $200,000.

The 40-year-old Spring Mills man was charged with more than 1,000 counts of sex-related offenses in early February. He was released after posting $150,000 bail in late April and had been living in Milesburg with family.

State police began investigating Geier on the additional charges last month, when a family member contacted them. The alleged victim was baby-sitting Geier’s child and fell asleep. According to court documents, the family member awoke to being raped by Geier.

Geier also is accused of touching the alleged victim inappropriately four years later, according to the criminal complaint.

Bruce Manchester, Geier’s attorney, argued that the bail posted was enough because Geier is required to wear a GPS anklet that tracks his movements and to check in with the bail agency weekly.

Manchester also pointed out that Geier has not been convicted in either case and that the claims against his client are still only allegations.

“He also has the right for continued freedom until they move their case against him, one way or the other,” Manchester said.

District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller disagreed and said the bail should be set to protect the community and the people Geier is accused of hurting.

Parks Miller said that the family member only felt comfortable coming forward because Geier was imprisoned on the first set of offenses and that the person was “terrified” since his release.

Parks Miller also said that the alleged victim was present at a prior hearing and when the person and Geier hugged, he tried to persuade the accuser not to testify against him about what had happened in 2003.

Manchester denied that allegation, adding that the two maintain a “fairly conventional” family relationship.

Gillette-Walker said monetary bail was appropriate because of “a lot of concerns” she had, specifically that Geier is accused of one of the crimes when his child was present.

Geier maintains his innocence in both cases, Manchester said. A preliminary hearing on the new charges is scheduled for May 27.