Prosecution opposes defense motions for separation, bail in Christopher Lee case

Prosecutors have responded Wednesday to motions made in federal court in the case of former Harris Township supervisor and Boal Mansion CEO Christopher Lee.

Kyle Rude, Lee’s attorney, has previously asked that the charges against Lee be separated because trying all of them together could prejudice a jury against Lee and that Lee should be released for health reasons. Lee has been suffering from vertigo since he was incarcerated.

On Wednesday, prosecutors filed motions in opposition to each defense effort. The charges should be tried together because they involve the same evidence, witnesses and investigators, and a prior case heard in federal court involving the same charges as Lee found them to be similar and able to be tried together, the filing states.

Prosecutors also argued that Lee should remain in prison because nothing new to compel his release was added since U.S. Judge Matthew W. Brann denied a prior request at a hearing in November besides the health concerns. which could be “adequately addressed” by the Bureau of Prisons, the motion opposing his release said.

Lee was indicted by a grand jury in October on enticement, transport of a minor with intent to engage in sexual activity, and child pornography charges. Additional charges of evidence tampering and attempting to produce child pornography were added in March.

Lee maintains his innocence, Rude said.