Bellefonte police officer injured after reported struggle with man

Charges are pending against a Bellefonte man after a reported struggle with officers at the Bellefonte police station that required the use of a stun gun.

Bellefonte police arrested the man Thursday afternoon after a reported domestic dispute at an East Linn Street residence, according to the police department.

Officers were preparing paperwork for charges related to that incident when the man asked to use the bathroom at the station, according to police. When he was finished, police said, the man tried to run past an officer standing at the doorway of the bathroom. A struggle ensued and police used a stun gun twice on the man before two officers got him under control, police said.

One officer had minor injuries to the head and hand. The man was unharmed during the incident, police said. He will face simple assault, attempted escape, harassment and drug charges, police said.