Bath salts pick-up attempt ends in bust

Two men charged with attempting to obtain a package containing bath salts from a FedEx store waived their preliminary hearings on Wednesday.

According to court documents, state police at Rockview received information on Dec. 4 that “three male individuals were attempting to claim a suspicious package” at the FedEx on Fox Hill Road in State College.

When police arrived at the store, they found Charles Robert Ball, 31, of Port Matilda, and Justin Charles Heimer, 30, of Bellefonte.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police spoke with FedEx employees and were told the individuals were attempting to claim a suspicious package. The package included a c.o.d balance of $ 3,600.

FedEx employees told police that the men said the items in the box were rotors.

The box reportedly weighed 0.5 pounds.

Court documents indicate that police encountered Heimer before and that he is known to be involved with bath salts.

Police found a glass smoking device with residue from Heimer, who told police that he “smokes crack with the glass pipe.”

Police found one stamp bag they suspected to be heroin on Ball.

A third man, Jerry Etters Jr., arrived at the FedEx station shortly after police. According to the affidavit of probable cause, Etters also has a history with bath salts.

Etters allegedly arrived at FedEx with a $100 money order that he intended to use to pay for the package.

Police took the three men and the package into custody and transported them to Rockview for further investigation.

Once at Rockview, the affidavit indicates Ball told police “he was at the FedEx location in order to pick up the package.”

Once the package was opened, 120 grams of suspected bath salts were found inside.

Court documents report police found $3,500 worth of Western Union money orders on Heimer, who allegedly told police he was going to use that money to pay for the package.

Heimer and Ball are both being charged with a felony count of criminal conspiracy and misdemeanor counts of being in possession of drugs.

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