Woman found not guilty of aggravated assault

A State College woman accused of pouring scalding hot water on her ex-boyfriend in June was found not guilty of aggravated assault Wednesday.

Lesa M. Harriott was found guilty of simple assault, however, and a summary charge of harassment.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Harriott and her ex-boyfriend became embroiled in a heated argument June 3 after the victim refused to attend Harriott’s son’s graduation.

According to the victim, shortly after the argument ensued, Harriott took a scalding pot of hot water from the stove to the bed the victim was lying on and threw it at him.

The victim also told police he feared Harriott and kept knives under the bed.

When police arrived on the scene, they found water splashed all over the headboard in Harriott’s apartment and the pillows and comforter were also saturated.

The victim was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center via ambulance and was treated for second-degree burns on his chest, abdomen and right arm.

Assistant District Attorney Lindsey Foster said at trial before Judge Jonathan D. Grine that Harriott’s actions were “vindictive, heinous and, most importantly,” that “her conduct was intentional.”

Defense attorney Steven Paul Trialonas had Harriott take the stand.

Harriott told jurors that when she came home, the victim was “already home and it seemed like he had too much to drink” and that he “wasn’t happy to see me.”

On the stand, Harriott told the court that she was relieved the victim, who is from Florida, was moving because “him being there put a lot of stress on me.”

Harriott testified that she “still had a lot of feelings for him” and that she “wouldn’t do this.”

“No one expects that someone they love are going to do something like this. He misjudged her and he paid the ultimate price,” Foster said in her closing remarks.

The jury returned with a verdict after three hours of deliberation.

Jurors sided with Trialonas, finding that the injuries the victim sustained were not consistent with the felony aggravated assault charge.

Harriott will be sentenced within the next three months.