Spring Township police: Student brought assault rifle to school

Cody Confer
Cody Confer

Spring Township police say they were called to the Centre County Christian Academy on Thursday and found a student in possession of an assault rifle and at least 60 rounds of ammunition.

The student, Cody Alan Confer, 18, is now facing criminal charges and possible expulsion from the school.

According to court documents, Confer is charged with terroristic threats and possessing a weapon on school property.

According to the affidavit, Confer allegedly told an adult volunteer at the school that he had a weapon in his vehicle and “enough ammunition to shoot up the school.”

Centre County Christian Academy is a private school in Spring Township, with just more than 100 students.

We take a very strict, firm stance in situations with this type of activity or threat.

Centre County Christian School administrator Kristy Smith

“We take a very strict, firm stance in situations with this type of activity or threat,” said school administrator Kristy Smith in an interview Monday.

Confer was at the school for detention when police arrived. According to an affidavit, he told Spring Township police Officer Shane Dickey and Chief Michael Danneker that he had an “AR 15 in the trunk of his vehicle” and an unknown amount of ammunition.

Confer then provided police with the keys to his red Buick, which was parked just feet away from the school playground.

Once police opened the trunk, they found an air soft gun that looked like an AR 15, a Rebel Arms assault rifle, two boxes of ammo, a box of Gold Wolf performance .223 caliber ammo, a box of American Eagle Rem and another box of Gold Wolf performance ammunition, according to court documents.

Confer was arrested and transported to the Centre County jail on $75,000 bail.

School and police address incident regarding assault rifle brought to school

He now faces potential expulsion.

“If a student brings weapons onto the school’s property, they will no longer be a student at the Centre County Christian Academy. This type of behavior is not tolerated,” Smith said.

According to the affidavit, Confer had previously threatened a female student at the school, allegedly telling her that he has a “2,500 pound vehicle and she should watch out.” Confer and the girl had several interactions, and he was eventually punished with an in-school suspension.

Police said the weapon found in Confer’s vehicle is an assault rifle. It is a “.223 round, which most of our military carries. It is a semi-automatic military style gun and can carry anywhere from 10 to 20 to 30 rounds in a magazine. It is a very lethal weapon,” Danneker said.

While Confer said he forgot the weapon in his car after hunting during the weekend, police said he still committed a crime.

“He made an accusation that was alarming and then having a firearm on school property was a crime,” Danneker said. “This was a violation that needs to be taken seriously. Our goal is to keep our kids safe. Kids need to understand if you bring a weapon to school, you will be dealt with seriously. In the climate we live in right now, it is imperative that you make the right decisions and don’t bring things like this to school.”

“A firearm being brought into a school atmosphere is scary,” Danneker said. “I’m glad it didn’t turn into something else. I hope this is a lesson for others.”

Confer’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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