Philipsburg man pleads guilty in incidents with neighbor

A Philipsburg man whose conflicts with a neighbor led to him being charged with aggravated assault pleaded guilty to lesser charges Tuesday in Clearfield County Court.

Robert Cummings, 62, was charged with aggravated assault after an incident in March 2015. Cummings had already been charged with defiant trespass for being on the victim’s property when he attempted to run over the victim with his truck, according to court documents.

Cummings pleaded guilty Tuesday to recklessly endangering another person and two summaries in this case and defiant trespass in the trespassing first case. He was sentenced by Judge Paul E. Cherry to 90 days to one year in jail and one year consecutive probation. He must have no contact with the victims and pay $405 in fines plus costs.

It was noted by Cummings’ attorney, Curtis Irwin, that Cummings was transported to court by representatives of the Warren State Hospital where Cummings has been receiving treatment.

The criminal complaints state that two members of the victim’s family in January 2015 informed Cummings that he was not to be on their property in Morris Township. The area was posted with “no trespassing” signs. Cummings acknowledged this.

The next month, Cummings was seen entering a garage on that property. In an interview with police he claimed he was only in the garage to ask the victim for a ride to a gas station.

During the encounter on March 16, 2015, police were on the phone with the victim who was reporting Cummings trespassing again, when they heard the victim yell “he’s going to hit me with his truck.” The officer was able to hear the truck as it went past the victim.

When the victim was questioned in person, he explained that after he told Cummings he was going to call the police to cite him for trespassing, Cummings “hit the gas pedal and I had to jump out of the way.” He asked the officers to remove Cummings from his property and arrest him.

When he was taken into custody, Cummings said, “I didn’t do anything.” He was transported to the Penn Highlands Clearfield emergency room for an evaluation.