Clearfield woman loses thousands in $2.5 million prize scam

A Clearfield woman lost about $7,000 in money and electronics, all in an effort to claim a $2.5 million prize that turned out to be fake.

The woman, who was not identified by state police at Clearfield, was contacted by phone on April 18 when someone told her she was the winner of “Mega-Millions Sweepstakes.” The person told the woman that she had to send $1,000 to claim the prize, which she did via Western Union to an undisclosed Minneapolis address.

The woman then received phone calls and text messages from multiple people who requested more money and electronics in exchange for the prize money. She sent $5,000 to Minnesota and Jamaica, plus $1,707.16 in Wal-Mart electronics. The scam continued until June 3.

Police said people should not respond to similar calls or text messages.

The state Office of Attorney General is investigating the scam.