Man accused of masturbating at Spikes game

CDT photo

Some people go to a baseball game for an enjoyable evening.

A Natrona Heights man is in jail after going to a State College Spikes game and enjoying himself a little too much.

Andrew John Vrana, 24, visited Medlar Field at Lubrano Park for the Brooklyn Cyclones game, but things went badly when he started to masturbate openly in his seat.

According to court documents, other fans reported Vrana, who was sitting with his legs spread open and his feet propped on the railing while he was touching himself through his shorts.

Penn State police approached Vrana, who admitted to “playing with himself,” but said he never removed his shorts or put his hand inside his shorts. He also admitted to knowing that other people, including children, were in the area.

Vrana allegedly told police that he was “excited” before arriving at the field, but it just got worse “seeing all the young college girls around.” An unexpected text from his ex-girlfriend aggravated the situation.

Vrana admitted to masturbating three separate times during the game.

Vrana was charged with a misdemeanor count of open lewdness and a summary charge of disorderly conduct.

District Judge Carmine Prestia arraigned Vrana, sending him to Centre County Correctional Facility in lieu of $15,000 bail.

The Spikes organization took the situation seriously from the beginning.

“We are aware of the incident that took place at Thursday's game,” said General Manager Scott Walker. “Our ballpark staff removed the individual from the public seating area and the person was immediately turned over to the police.”

The Spikes pride themselves on a wholesome atmosphere. Last year, the team apologized to fans after Corey Feldman took to Medlar Field for a throwback appearance but showed up with his band, Corey’s Angels, including girls in skimpy angel costumes. Walker called the incident “not exactly family friendly.” The apology went viral and Feldman subsequently lost a bid to appear at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles.