Motion denied in Kudlach murder trial

More action occurred in an upcoming trial Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, more documents were posted by the Centre County prothonotary’s office in the murder trial of Alois Kudlach.

Kudlach’s trial is slated to start Monday, but last-minute filings have raised questions about that start.

Kudlach’s attorney, Karen Muir, filed a motion for continuance earlier this week, which was denied.

Muir could not comment on that motion Wednesday, and the document could not be viewed as Judge Jonathan D. Grine sealed all filings in the case beginning July 29, according to the prothonotary’s office website.

However, Muir did say another motion could be forthcoming. It was.

The prothonotary’s website shows a motion filed Wednesday, followed by an answering filing, and finally an order denying that motion.

Kudlach is accused of shooting his wife, Nuria, in their College Township home in August 2015. He is charged with first- and third-degree murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon and intercepting communications.

Muir was requesting her first delay in the case.

Multiple continuances have been granted to the prosecution as Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller waited for evidence to be analyzed at labs. Court records show continuances granted in November, January and March.

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