Sharing Lifts my Spirit!

Today’s telling sharing in kindergarten. (Frankly, it was just what the doctor ordered.)


Jim:  I had a soccer scribble yesterday.  You know, it’s kinda like a game but not really.  A scribble. 

Gertrude:  I went to my mom’s cousin’s wedding in Miss Concert.   (In case you need to brush up on your kindergartenese, that means Wisconsin.) 

John:  I declime.

Fred:  I decrime.

Sally:  I saw a meteor shower last night.

Susie:  I saw TWO meteor showers last night.

Jane:  I saw FIVE meteor showers last night….and….and …they HIT my ROOF and my HOUSE catched on FIRE.   (big smile).


Frank:   I declimb.  




I love this job………….