I just turned my back for a minute....

Dear Tori,


Please excuse me for a minute while I catch my breath, my heart seems to have stopped working.   I guess I wasn’t prepared for what my heart would feel when I watched you laugh and pose for your senior portraits. 


Do you know what I saw?


I saw the young girl who kept her naked Barbies in the fridge.


I saw the girl who for two weeks went to preschool looking like a smurff after her sister colored her from head to toe with a blue permanent marker. 


I saw the girl who rolled and flipped and rolled down a huge flight of steps in our old house, and then popped up and ran outside to join the kids in the front yard.


I saw the girl who jumped off her top bunk, ripped her knee wide open and ended up with a huge smiley face stitched under her kneecap.


I see the girl who held her sister down in a chokehold after seeing her wearing her pants not TOO long ago.



But you know what the camera saw?   


A beautiful young woman about to embark on the greatest adventure of all:  her life.



May the angels travel with you; I know my heart will.