Postcards from the Past

My mother has been dead for 24 years.   I can still see her standing in the kitchen talking to her sister on the phone.  If I wait a few seconds, I can also hear her laughing and laughing about something my Aunt Shirley said.


There are many things peppered around my house that remind me of her.  I have her old coffee grinder that was found at a tag sale in Virginia; the tiny drawer at the bottom still holds that faint hint of coffee.  


I have the old blue glass bottles in my window, the cookie tins in my kitchen, and other various knick-knacks around my home.  They provide me with a sense of comfort.


Not long ago one of my aunts sent me a package, and inside were 6 post cards that my mother had sent her mother when we lived in Nice, France.  (My father was stationed there while serving in the Navy Jag office.)


For some reason I can’t stop reading them, and some days I can actually hear her voice jump off the postcards.   She has come back to life- if only briefly…



“Dearest Mother – I have bought six of these lovely cards today and am going to write a continuous note on all- and mail them together and let me know if they arrive together. It’ll be fun to see!  I thought there were so lovely – that you must have them.

I must start sending picture cards of France home – because before too long we’ll be leaving and I’ll regret not having done so.  The other day I was in St. Jean and I sat and watched Princess Grace and her children having lunch with David Niven and his wife.  It was exciting and she is beautiful.  I have seen David Niven many times and followed him and his car home from St. Jean.  Bob gets a laugh from the  wive’s excitement at seeing a star.  He’d probably be so, too – if he saw Brigette Bardot!


One of the navy ships is coming into the villa tomorrow and they have said they will do any repairs for us- which is nice of them.   They are going to take or dry cleaning-four to a person.


Kathy and Debbie are so happy in school.  They go off gaily – each morning – carrying their lunch pails.  Debbie has a Mickey Mouse pail – and Kathy has Quick Draw McGraw.  Bob will enjoy that.


I have switched Bobby back to Pet Milk because of the bad rash that wouldn’t go away.  Since last night it has started to clear and I’m feeling better.  He is so cute and smiles now.  We call him “Petite Mignon” which is something like teeny weeny one!  Bob will be so surprised when he sees how much he’s grown, tho. 


Debbie and Kathy have learned so much French from their little French girl friend “Josie”. And she has really helped me, too.  It’s going to be fun to see how much of it they’ll remember when we get home.

Those sisters of yours are terrible and not worth wasting one’s breath on. – Bob always said he thought they were from outer space and that’s where they belong – maybe we should volunteer them for the next orbit- but to the moon!!!


Well, this is the last card – and what fun. I hope you can decipher them when you receive all six!!


Love and Kisses!