We are all connected...

I took little trip to visit a few friends in Chicago at the end of July.  My plane ride across the country was punctuated with a stop in the Philadelphia airport.  It was there I switched from a large plane to one that I had to practically fly myself.


I had at least a two-hour layover, and spent most of the time at the gate where I was to depart for my flight home. 

Not long after arriving at this particular gate, a large family group arrived after what I later learned was a long flight from Italy.  They consisted of a “not-quite” middle-aged couple, several college-age young people, a young girl and several even younger toddlers.  I was mesmerized by this family, and by the mother in particular. She was younger than me, but appeared to have children whose ages spanned at least 17 years or more.   Did I mention she looked great? In fact, she looked better than I did after my FIRST child. 

They were jovial and upbeat, despite what surely was a long overseas flight with three young children.  I am always fascinated by people, and watching and listening to this happy, busy family helped the time fly by.


Imagine my surprise this morning when, on the first day of kindergarten orientation, in walked this mother – with the young adorable girl in tow. 


Yeah.   I’m her teacher.