My Proudest Moment...

Dear Tori, 


Yes, I was a blubbering mess on the night that your team played a brilliant field hockey game against one of your arch rivals. And, when YOU scored the winning goal in overtime? I never knew my heart could burst with pride.



However, I was wrong. A few days later your team put forth a valiant effort against one of the best teams in the area. They shot goal after goal, and played an amazing, very physical game.


You and your team never gave up. You fought with integrity and dignity and even though it was a hard fought, frustrating battle you and your fellow seniors rallied your team play after play. You played with all your might even until the last buzzer sounded.


And then, when you limped off the field , beaten and battered, you held your head high and showed the underclassman what sportsmanship was all about.


THAT was my proudest moment.




and now I am blubbering again.