If you insist....

It came without ribbons!  It came without tags!  It came without packages, boxes or bags!   You KNOW what I’m talking about – the end of the school year!


I’ve had several requests from friends out there for suggestions for end of the year teacher gifts, and since I’ve been teacher for lots of years (20 or more…cough, cough) I just might be an expert in this area.


First, I want to make it clear that teachers DO NOT expect gifts.  I really, really mean that.  We appreciate your support all year long with homework, snacks, field trip chaperoning, etc., and we all feel that we receive “gifts” all year long. I am not kidding!


However, if you ARE looking for either teacher gifts, or student teacher gifts, here are my TOP TEN!!!


1.    A subscription to Mailbox Magazine - You can find this magazine at or something like that.  It is the GREATEST resource for teachers.  It has ideas generated from teachers on ALL areas in the curriculum, and it’s got one for kindergarten, first grade, etc.   It. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever.  (And they did NOT pay me to say that.

2.  A book to the school library in your teacher’s name.  Too cool to even elaborate on.

3.  A plant for the school garden.  (If they have one!)

4.   Is there a craft store in your area?   A gift card to a Michael’s or something like that is great. We always need items for projects- and this way the kids benefit as well!

5. is an incredible thing.  I received several last year and bought some great new books for my classroom!  Since I’ve been teaching a while I tend to use my oldies but goodies.  Having the gift certificate allowed me to shop online and find some great new books!

6.  Barnes and Nobles.  Enough said.

7.  There are cool scissors at craft stores that cut in a variety of shapes- not just straight lines! Teachers love these- but might not use their classroom money for them.  They also come in a cool carousel.  They are great when the kids make cards, have free time or in writer’s workshop.

8.  If you are buying for a new teacher, here are some MUST HAVE BOOKS:  Morning Meeting; The First Six Weeks of School; Classroom Spaces that Work; Off to a Great Start.  All of these resources are from Responsive Classroom and can be found at Barnes and Nobles, or at .

9.   If you want to buy a humorous book for ANY teacher, buy Thirty Two Third Graders and One Class Bunny by Philip Done. It is HYSTERICAL.  I read it over and over and over.   I laugh every time.

10.      A really cool whistle.   Or bell.  Or sound maker.

11.       A small gift card to STARBUCKS.  (Okay, maybe that’s just me.)

12.       Games for the classroom (age appropriate, or course.)  We use games throughout the year, and of course pieces go missing, boxes get broken, etc.  Teachers will probably NOT throw stuff out, and will keep using it, unless forced to use a NEW ONE if it’s given to them.  



Darn, is that more than ten?  Hope it helps!!