Bring in the Clowns.

Boys and girls, guess what? I am going on a special trip this weekend.  It's a very special place. where do you think I'm  going?  

J:  Are you going to the North Pole?? 
K:  The super bowl! Is it the super bowl??
R:  Altoona! Are you going to Chuck E Cheeses? I went there for my birthday.  
T:  Pizza Hut?

Me:  "No.  Although those were all great, great guesses, they weren't exactly right.  I am going to New York City!"   I explained to the kids where I was going, and why.  Then, I asked them for some advice.   

"Kids, I need some advice.  What should I say to the people in New York City?" (Keep in mind they are shouting this stuff all at the SAME time..."

Ethan:  "Tell them your name.  Say, ' I am Mrs. Patrick.  Please publish my book.' "

J:  "Tell them you like their hair."
B:  "Make them brownies.  Lots of brownies"
Anthony: "Take them cupcakes!  Oh, and candy, too!"
J:  "I think you should make them enchiladas." 

S:  "You need to wear a church dress. "

A:  "I think you should wear gloves."
C:  "I think you should wear big earrings. " 
Ethan:  "A clown.  You should wear a clown."

Me:  "A CLOWN?? You think I should dress up like a CLOWN???"

Ethan:  "No.  A CROWN!! You should wear a CROWN!" 
Rebekah: "Yeah, a crown and some nice shoes."   

 So, in keeping with the "nice shoes" advice, here are some suggestions from the girls in my class:

These are lovely furry boots that go well with a nice long-sleeved purple-striped dress. 

These are brown leather boots that sport a fighting woman on the side.  I think perhaps I need her mojo. 

These Lelli Kelly shoes sparkle even when the sun don't shine!!! I MUST HAVE THESE. Do they come in a woman's 6????

Oh, R, when you wore these today with your swirly polka dot dress, I almost called your mom to see if I could adopt you.   I think I'll go with the Dorothy Slippers.  Those will SURELY impress the publishers.  (They have a sense of humor, right???)