A broken heart



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Dear Matthew,


I can’t tell you how my heart broke on the way home from school today.  I knew that you were mad as you walked into my room after volleyball intramurals. - You were ranting and raving about the officiating, and continued the whole way out to the car.  Then, as we pulled away from the school you shocked me when you told me what happened at school today. 


“Laura told everybody in the class that I was FAT. She wrote it in on a paper and SHOWED everyone. She said John did it, but I don’t think he would. He’s my BEST friend.”  That was about the point you put your hands on your face and started weeping.  I am so glad that you turned your head and looked out the window, because I had no control over the tears that began flowing down my cheeks as I felt your pain.  I had no words.  I knew I couldn’t speak because I would have started sobbing. (Why do all of our conversations happen in the car???) If I could have formed some kind of response, it would have surely included the fact that the DOCTOR said you will be a big man, and that if the kids knew you were going to probably be 6’4” they might not be teasing you right now.  However, I knew this was not the response that you were looking for.

Instead, I placed my hand on your head and did my best to hold you as you cried the entire ride home.  Tonight before you go to bed, we’ll talk about friends, enemies, pain, joy, youthful ignorance and forgiveness.  


Then, after you are asleep and the worries of the day are wiped away, I will pray that God gives you the strength that you will need to navigate your way through what will surely be painful and difficult teen years.