Our seminar today...

Boys and girls, today at kindergarten show and tell we need to be very good listeners.    Okay, Let’s get started.


Janie:  This is my doll.  She is my favorite and I sleep with her.  I love her dress because it’s pink.


Haley:  This is my Barbie mermaid. I love her. I sleep with her. My mommy got her at Wal-mart.


Jack:  This is my Bakogaon.  It sticks to metal.  I have a hundred of them at home.  I got them at Wal-mart.


Jay-Han:   This is my encyclopedia on Egyptology.  It is extremely informative and it is my favorite thing to read.  This photograph is of the Pyramids that are on the Nile River, the largest river in the world.  The ancient Egyptians who constructed them used hieroglyphics to write on them.   Also, if you were alive then you would NOT want to live in the pyramids, as they are extremely hot and uncomfortable.    Any questions?



Me:  Well, thank you Professor Lin!  That was amazingly informative.  Next?  ( I adore that boy...)