Does ANYONE know ANYONE who knows ANYONE in housing???

This is making my life a living h*** right now.  Our daughter, Sarah lives in north halls in a suite with three other girls. Next year she wanted to stay there and live with one of her suite-mates. 

She received an email title "supplemental housing" and didn't think that it applied to her.  What really happened was that it was her housing contract for next year and she lost her housing contract.  Her suite-mate accepted hers
and did put Sarah's name on for her roommate. 

Sarah went online and added her name to the waiting list again.  I don't know where she goes from here.  (Normally I wouldn't help- but she's typically very responsible....) So, I've decided that I need to find ANYONE who might POSSIBLY know ANYONE who works in housing for a little favor. 
That, or I'll build her her own damn dorm brick by brick.   Anyone selling cheap bricks?????