Stay at the Hilton

The top seven reasons why you SHOULD have stayed at the Hilton instead of the CHEAPER La Quinta Hotel last weekend at the National Indoor Field Hockey Tournament.  


7.   When you’re in the elevator and it won’t work. The doors close and NOTHING happens.  AND, the maintenance man, who happens to be in there WITH YOU, runs out and tells you to stay, and shuts to door with you all IN the elevator, that is not a good sign. 


6.   When said maintenance man THEN informs you that as a result of the FIRE in the hotel in January, he thought all of the elevators had been fixed.


5.   When the nightclub next door advertises a “live band” on Friday and Saturday nights (until their 2:00 a.m. closing.) but the desk clerk FAILS to mention that.


4.  When you discover at 1:00 a.m. that the Harley Davidson motorcycle club is holding their weekly meeting at said nightclub.  (After further investigation it was determined that said night club was in reality A Cho Cho’s Pizza Den. So, all bands that are rejected by real nightclubs in Virginia Beach, you can play at Cho Cho’s Pizza Den. You can’t miss it – it’s right SMACK next door the La Qunita.)  



3.   They allow pets, the smaller and the yippier the better.  And, if you’re REAL lucky, they’ll put them NEXT DOOR in the adjoining room.  (There’s no closing time for pet barking.) 


2.   When you discover that there is not a bathroom fan in the bathroom that is going to be used by SIX people – and might I add- the walls are paper-thin.  PAPER THIN people.


1.     When the extra large full-length mirror in the bathroom makes YOU look extra large.  (Holy Cow, I am SURE a man designed these bathrooms.  Sorry fellas- no offense. )



Next year I am staying at the Hilton.