Do you need a BLOOD sample, as well FAFSA???

The must-have “Filling out the FAFSA form online” survival kit. Parents, if you have any children that you hope and pray MIGHT be going to college at SOME point in the future, take heed.  You will need the following items: 




1.      The BIG book of passwords. And I mean BIG.  This will hold the password to your child’s PIN, your PIN, your husband’s Pin, your grandmother’s PIN and your dog’s PIN.   

2.      At least four pair of reading glasses.  You will need back-ups, as you will surely fling them across the room as you try to read the fine print about signing your life away.

3.     The stack of W-2’s; make sure you have yours, your spouse’s, your child’s your grandmother’s and your dog’s.   And a calculator.  Or two.

4.  In addition to the W-2's, you need a copy of everything you have ever owned, dreamed of owning, your shoe size, shirt size, coat size, head measurements, finger prints and CAT scans.  Keep em all handy.

4.    A   folder of ALL your investments.     (Or lack thereof.  Mine of course, is empty.)

5.       Wine .  You will need this at about page five zillion.

6.       Wine .   See above.

7.       Keys to the poor house; it’s your home for the next four to EIGHT years – depending on how many children you have that can actually get IN to college.

8.       Aleve.   


Oh, and don’t forget to save up for the senior year.  THAT list of vital purchases is coming shortly; after I recover from this most recent “things I do for my children” episode.