Things I learned in school last Friday...

Things I learned in school today.  (Or, How to Chase Away the Blues)


1.  A five year-old boy from Korea can successfully shove six miniature people into the little tykes school bus that was originally constructed to seat three.


2.  Two relatively small five year-old girls can comfortably fit into a pink tub full of toys when the teacher is not looking.


3.  It’s time to throw away the extra jacket you keep on hand in your teacher closet for heater/air cooler emergencies - when one of your students shouts with enthusiasm, “HEY!  My GRANDMA has that jacket!!!”


4.  I received 21 hugs today; six from students in last year’s class who like a hug each morning; nine from students in this year’s class; four from various teachers in the building who were thrilled that it was FRIDAY; and two from students I’ve never seen before in my life.  (We pass them out like candy, people.


5.  You can successfully talk about male frogs fertilizing the eggs of a female frog without anyone in the enthralled crowd cracking a smile.  (Well, present company excluded.)    “Mrs. Patrick, I know ALL about frogs.  But, um, what’s a female?”


6.  Always check under the refrigerator in your play-area after school.  It’s where one of your non-speaking ELL children tends to HIDE the cool purses and old cell phones from the other little girls after free play.


7.   At recess today Jack “found” his yo-yo in his pocket while sitting on TOP of the dome-shaped jungle gym beside his best buddy Zack.   When they flipped upside down together on the count of three, the yo-yo wrapped itself around the bar, knocking Jack in the head which caused him to fall OFF the bars. In what appeared to be brilliant filmmaking slow motion, he grabbed Zack on the way down and they hit the ground like a ton of bricks.  The yo-yo then quickly followed- and conveniently bonks Jack on the head AGAIN.  After a few tense-filled moments, they both lay on the ground and laughed until they cried which was very convenient because their teacher was recovering from a HEART ATTACK.



All in all I’d say it was just about the perfect day.