I didn't even KNOW that rule.

Right before lunch today we had an animated discussion about bug bites.  It was enlightening, exhausting, eye opening – and frankly I’m itching just reliving it again.  


I’m not sure HOW we ended up at man-eating bugs after reading a sweet story about traveling bunnies, but there you go. 


Linda:  “You KNOW, if you scratch your bug bites, they will only get WORSTER.”


Maya: “And you know, the bugs that bite are giant flies!”


Zane: “Yeah, but you can get bug spray for them in the bug aisle at the store.”


Christian:  “No, they are not flies they are called MOSKWEETOES.”


At that moment Logan turned matter-of-factly to Christian (the most amazing reading in our class) and said in his most professor-ish tone,


 “No, Christian, it's MosKEEtoes.   I think the ‘w’ is silent.”