The Powers that Be Helped Me Say Goodbye.

Things we discovered the day BEFORE we took Tori to college.


1.  We had forgotten to send the university the $200 housing deposit required for ALL incoming students – due a week ago.  


2.  While in a complete FAFSA fog, we had requested the WRONG amount for our Direct Parent Plus Loan for Tori, and according to the university statement due YESTERDAY, we are short, oh, let’s say about ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.


3. Tori had neglected to fill out the FIVE online forms that her NEW COACH had emailed her a week ago to fill out BEFORE SHE checked in at school.   Oh, and there were several that needed to be filled out and sent to the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR last week.   Yeah.   (This particular item reinforced the fact that I keep trying to convince Tori of- that I AM her birth mother!)


A nd then to make our somewhat stressful and hectic "delivery day" a complete success:


About 30 minutes into our drive HOME, Tori called to let us know that her dorm keys were in Sarah's Vera Bradley bag. In the back seat. With a sobbing and hysterical sister that we were ready to throw out the window. (That sobbing confirms, in fact, that I am HER birth mother.)

Oh, and if your husband decides to take a "short-cut" home? Odds are great it will turn a three hour ride into a 5.5 hour ride. This was, frankly, a brilliant move on his part. Not only did it completely negate my sadness at leaving T at college, it cleverly diverted all my attention to him.

(One Sarah - one sister = a crying, sobbing mess. They really DO love each other. Who knew?)