Apples are highly overrated, anyway.

We’ve spent the better part of two weeks studying apples.


We made apple mobiles.  We made apple puppets.  We tasted three kinds of apples, graphed our favorites, did a survey and played an apple game.


We’ve read Ten Apples Up on Top; The Apple Pie Book; How Do Apples Grow?; Apples, Apples, Apples; Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie; Apples; It’s Apple Picking Time; I Am An Apple and Up, Up, Up, It’s Apple Picking Time.  Just to name a FEW.


Today we finished the unit by making a pie in one of our centers.  The children rolled the dough; peeled the APPLES; helped slice the APPLES; mixed the APPLES and filled the pie shell with APPLES.   


I walked over to C., looked him in the eye and asked, “C!  What kind of pie did you make today?”


He swallowed his apple, looked at me with a smile and shouted,






Yep.    My job is done.