It's like the first day of school all over again.

The first day back after a billion day, action packed, gift-filled holiday is a killer. (I know, I know, you parents were having a huge 'free at last' party, but we were trying to remind our little ones about all those pesky rules.)



I gathered the children on the carpet after recess for a Calendar Math lesson, and did my best to reel in the munchkins. After finally managing to hook them with a humorous, sing-songy New Years thingy, I asked the all-important question.




"Okay boys and girls, who can tell me what month it REALLY IS? What is the FIRST month of the year? The one in that song we sing every day? Anyone?"



I looked out at a sea of faces, all the while pointing at the huge word JANUARY, and felt like I was speaking Chinese.




"People! Who knows? Anyone? Charles, do YOU know what month this is?"




He looked at me, threw his hands up and in his gravelly voice said, "I got ‘nuffin."






It's nice to know that singing the "Months of the Year" song for 76 days has worked so well.



Dr Jean- you owe me $22.50.





(And THEN after talking about what month it WAS, and clapping the month and singing the song AGAIN - he looked at me and said, " I nevah HEAWD of it." I adore that boy.)