Sometimes the teacher doesn't listen...

Today in music, the children were playing various instruments with our phenomenal music teacher.  Her name is Mrs. Incredible, and she does things with the children in our school that are nothing short of MIRACULOUS!  (And she never yells at me when I Beepul her. You know - Bring Em Early, Pick Up Late.)


I went into the room at the tippy end of the music period and Frank immediately shouted to me.   “Hey, look at me!  I am playing the tangerine!”



“That is NOT a tangerine, silly!” replied Suzy with authority.    “A tangerine is a flute!”




Silly Suzy, I thought.  A flute?  It looks nothing LIKE a flute.



It wasn’t until the end of the day I realized what Suzy had really said.    A tangerine IS a fruit.    I’m pretty sure my brain wasn’t working today.