I don't think Governor Walker's mother is a teacher.

You just knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.


I don’t often use this space to climb upon a soapbox.  I’ve found that they are often wavering and unsteady, and topple when a great gust of hot air blows by.


The events unfolding in Wisconsin give me no choice but to speak.  And you know why.



I’m a teacher. 


I hear and read here and there, that people think that teacher’s have it easy.  They spout about the three months off during the summer, and other various things that they think make out job easy.


Teachers often smile at those who make those comments, because we know in our hearts that it comes from ignorance.


I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak to who I am.


I’m a teacher. 


I spend each of my 180 days wrapping your children in love, hope, and great expectation.  I offer them various ways to approach a problem, to solve a problem, and to avoid a problem.  I strap 24 children to my back and run a marathon for nine months, making sure that no one falls off along the way.


I show them ways to make a friend, to keep a friend and to be a friend.


I show them that if we make a mistake each and every day, then we are LEARNING each and every day.


I show that that even if they anger me or frustrate me, I will still smile and remind them that I love them very much while I am enforcing whatever punishment I feel is necessary.


And behind the scenes? 


I am planning lessons each night that will motivate and inspire your children.   I search through magazines for teaching aides, search websites for new activities, look through my resources for new ways to re-teach lessons that didn’t reach some kids.


I go to soccer games; dance recitals; karate lessons; hockey games; t-ball games and birthday parties.  I spend my own money on stickers, things I need for science, cookie cutouts for centers, and things I know my kids will love to find in the prize box.  I do this because my job is not somewhere I go five days a week, but because it’s my passion; and because I care about the souls in my classroom.


So, Governor Walker, are those teachers camped out in your front yard because they want to protect their BMW’s or their beach houses or their trips to Aspen or their billion dollar retirement funds?


No.  They are there because they are showing all of the children that they have touched, that if you believe in who you are and what you do, then you take a stand.


You show by your actions that WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO has value.



And I wonder, Governor Walker, what your kindergarten teacher is thinking right about now? 


I’m thinking that perhaps she might need to go over that “Do unto others” lesson maybe one more time.