I didn't even know we were racing...

The morning after two snow days is always full of animated discussions. 


I was talking to a precocious boy in our class named Luke, who has added a lot of fun to the class this year.



“I could hardly get up my driveway yesterday after all that ice!" I was telling my paraprofessional. "It reminded me of when I was stuck in Washington, DC last year!” 



I heard a voice at my elbow.  It was Luke.



“Hey! I used to live in Washington, DC!”



“Luke, I remember your mom telling me you were born here! Were you maybe in your mommy’s belly when you lived there?”



“Naw,” he said, shaking his head, “I was just a sperm them. A very slow sperm going towards the egg.” 




And that is how you go from snow to sperm in 9.3 seconds.





Let’s see Jimmy Johnson do THAT.