Just another way to annoy your teen...

Tori and I have been here in Mystic for two days, trying to take care of  my sister while she recovers from some unexpected surgery. 


Don’t feel too sorry for her - she managed to keep some important parts, won’t need hormone therapy, and HER incision stayed together and will NOT require a wound-vac for three weeks.   (Just another reason for her to gloat.)


I took Tori for a quick visit to the beach in Noank, where we spent some time watching the boats move in and out of the bay and the local boys jumping off the top of the pier into the chilly waters of   .


We spent a bit of time searching through the sand on the small beach hoping to discover some precious sea glass.  We admired our treasures before we made our way back to the car.


“WOW!” I said to Tori, “Some of this sea glass is legit sea glass!”


She looked at me, “Don’t EVER say that work again, mother.”


“What?  Legit?   That’s one of my favorite words!” I exclaimed.


“Need I remind you of your AGE?”  She replied.


“Listen, I will never, ever be my age.  And THAT is legit.”   And with the turn of my head, I marched back to the car.




(legit, legit, legit, legit, legit.  I’ve decided to say it a billion times a day until she explodes.  Take cover, people.)