Show and Tell. (pass the aspirin)

We do so very many things in kindergarten that prepare our children for various school routines that lie ahead in the older grades.


Show and Tell is one of them.   While it’s a favorite of the children, often the teachers have a tad bit of a headache at the end.


Show and Tell provides the children with a chance to speak to a group, share ideas in a concise manner (Well, kind of) and affords them the chance to have exchanges with the other children.  (Where did you get that; where did you get that; where did you get that; where did you get that; where did you get that.  Obviously they don’t always listen to the speaker.)



Today I was outlining the finer points of Show and Tell.  “Class, when you are done telling about your sharing, you always ask ‘Are there any questions or comments?’    Then you may call on three friends.”


After several children shared, it was Helen’s turn.  Her family is originally from China, but they have been in the United States for at least four years.  That totally makes her a local.   


She shared a gorgeous white plastic purse, filled with what seemed like thousands of miniature items.  Finally, she was ready for the question to the group.



“Are there any Christmas or commas?” 



“Um,  you might want to say, “Are they any questions or comments?” “



She smiled, nodded and turned to the group.



“Are there any presents or promise?”  And with that, a thousand hands flew up.






I’m glad she understood.