Lessons number 345 - 350. In no particular order.

Lessons learned today in kindergarten:



1.  Grace's sister has striked froat.



2.  Sometimes when you’re swimmin in the summer and you jump off the board wif your gloggles on you, will lose your GLOGGLES!!


3.  When you notice a little fella who has had an accident, and you ask him if he has to go potty, he'll say,  "No Fanks.  I already did."  



3.  If you sit in a chair too long you will get very-us veins.  (You know, rainbow veins.)




4. If you have a group of rowdy boys who surprisingly LOVE to play in the playroom, odds are great that keys from your cool "key junk box" will go missing.   After several "pocket-checks" and a few emails they will miraculously return.



5.  I've learned that five year-old girls have WAY cooler shoes than me. (And that makes this fifty something teacher a TAD bit jealous.  Just a tad...)