Penn State

Penn State administrators pledge ‘to do better’

Icy conditions on roads and sidewalks recently made travel a nightmare for some motorists and pedestrians, and Penn State officials pledged in a statement “to do better” in response to poor weather conditions.

The university began to receive reports of icy spots on campus at about 7:45 a.m. Jan. 11. Penn State administrators had expected temperatures to rise enough for the ice to melt before the beginning of classes.

Officials, according to the statement, met on the same day to discuss their response to the icy conditions and to prepare “necessary changes” to protocol.

Penn State Senior Vice President for Finance and Business David Gray said that the university’s procedures “work very well.” He also said they “missed on this one.”

“We do our best to make decisions and send alerts to the University community as quickly as possible, especially knowing that some individuals have a significant commute to campus,” Gray said.