Penn State

Crazy fan: Steve and Judy Wells McClaskey

Many alumni display their Penn State pride with a bumper sticker or car seat covers, but those accessories were just the beginning for Steve and Judy McClaskey.

Upon moving into a new home in West Chester, the McClaskeys had a cluttered, undecorated room. Judy replaced the ceiling light shades with blue globes and the “Penn State room” was born.

Blue and white recliners and carpet, a lion bar and specially ordered paw wall sconces now fill the room, along with signed footballs, vintage photos and sand from the 2006 Orange Bowl.

“Don’t expect to enter this shrine if you’re not cheering for JoePa and the boys,” Judy said.

The Penn State tradition carries strong through the family’s generations. Judy’s grandfather graduated in 1929 with a degree in commerce and finance, followed by her and Steve in 1979 and her sister, Jamie Wells Davidson, in 1982. The McClaskeys’ daughter, Natalie, is now a sophomore.

“We may not wear blue hair (our daughter might), but it is well known: We Are Penn State!” Judy said.