Penn State

Injured Penn State cheerleader out of ICU, recovering after fall

The 19-year-old female who fell five stories from a window earlier this month has been released from the intensive care unit and is showing signs of recovery, family spokesman Randy Jepson said Wednesday.

Paige Raque, a Penn State varsity cheerleader, fell 39-feet from a Calder Commons window earlier this month and sustained severe head injuries, a broken pelvis and a broken rib, Jepson said. State College Police have ruled the fall as accidental but still haven’t provided a full report citing that the matter is still under investigation.

Jepson said Raque has moved into the rehab process, which comprises of having her attempt to make general movements with her arms and legs. She has been able to move “all of her extremities,” but still lacks some motor skills and hasn’t been able to grasp with her hands yet, the men’s gymnastics coach said.

He added that he visits her about every other day and is able to see “remarkable” progress, but she remains on a feeding tube, unable to eat and drink on her own.

“Her spirits seem strong, and she has smiled on several occasions,” Jepson said.

It is too premature to move her, Jepson said, but when she is healthy enough the family would like to move her closer to their Louisville, Kent., home either to the house or a rehab facility near there. Until then she will continue with the rehabilitation.

Jepson said they will take it one day at a time, but described her as a “workout fiend” prior to the injury and is hoping for a speedy recovery.

Her brother, Parker Raque, posted on on his Twitter account Oct. 28 that she was able to smile and wave to friends that visited her in the hospital.

Friends have been selling #prayforpaige shirts and bracelets and looking for donations to the “Paige Raque Recovery Fund” to help the family cover hospital bills. Donations can be sent to Curtis White in the cheerleading office, 105 White Building.

Jepson added that the family has been “very grateful” for all the prayers and well-wishes and would ask for the Penn State community to keep sending her their thoughts with the goal of Raque being able to eat and speak at some point soon.