Penn State

Bed bugs reported in Penn State dorm

Bed bugs were reported in a Penn State campus dormitory on Monday, the university confirmed Wednesday.

Three rooms in Curtin Hall were treated, and all of the residence hall’s rooms are being checked, said spokeswoman Jill Shockey. The pest control service the university brought in to take care of the bed bugs used a heat treatment, she said.

Curtin Hall is in the university’s East Halls dorm complex.

The 40 children and chaperones staying in the hall were from an outside organization and were given information about bed bugs before they left Tuesday, Shockey said.

Bed bugs are small wingless insects, the size of an apple seed, and bite and suck blood. The are not known to spread diseases, though.

Shockey said Penn State’s housing division has promised to respond “swiftly, openly and effectively” to bed bug reports.