Penn State

Paige Raque plans return to school at Penn State for fall semester

Paige Raque, the Penn State cheerleader who was seriously hurt after falling from the window of a State College high-rise apartment, will return to school in the fall.

“She is ready to return to school in the fall. Cognitively, everything’s great. We’re so blessed,” said her mother, Robyn Raque. “She can’t walk real far, can’t stand real long, doesn’t have a ton of stamina, but ... man if anybody’s ever had determination, it’s Paige.

“She is working hard and going to therapies … everything she really can do to work hard and get better.”

Raque was one of many Penn State students who came out to support Emily Whitehead in celebrating her birthday and being cancer-free for a year.

Raque said that Emily was an inspiration to her while she was recovering in the hospital, and Emily felt the same way.

“When (Raque) was in the trauma unit in Altoona, I had talked to Emily about her and said one of our Penn State friends needs our prayers,” said Tom Whitehead, Emily’s father. “We had heard from people at Penn State that Emily inspired her to get better.”

While opening presents at her party, Emily shared one with Raque: a picture Emily painted for her.