Penn State

PETA president to talk animal rights in lecture at Penn State

The president and co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will discuss animal rights and advocacy during a public lecture Wednesday evening on campus.

Ingrid Newkirk’s talk, titled “Animal Rights, Human Obligations,” is sponsored by Penn State’s Vegetarian Club. The talk is at 7 p.m. in Room 112 of the Walker Building.

Newkirk is known for the lengths she’s gone to advocate for the protection of animals. She’s spent time behind bars in a Pennsylvania prison for disrupting pigeon shoots, pulling a horse carriage through Mumbai, India, and taking over a fur designer’s office.

Recently, she sent a letter to a Clinton County teenager who survived being attacked by a mother bear during while hunting outside Lock Haven. In the letter, Newkirk urged the teen to put down her gun.

“Everyone from skateboarders to former President Bill Clinton is going vegan, but there’s a breadth and depth to animal rights that is still mysterious to many people,” Newkirk said in a news release announcing her talk. “From the clothes we wear to the cosmetics we buy, there is so much that kind people can do in every facet of their lives to spare animals immense suffering.”