Penn State

Penn State police: String of burglaries at Wolf Hall dormitory

Penn State police say they have identified a pattern of burglaries at one on-campus housing facility.

According to a release Wednesday, a number of burglaries have happened at Wolf Hall, near Pollock and Bigler roads, since September 2013.

Student victims have reported personal belongings taken from their rooms. The rooms were reportedly not locked at the times the items went missing, and any suspects in the thefts are not known.

“It can be assumed that conditions continue to exist that may pose a threat to members and guests of the university community,” police said in the statement. “It is the duty of the institution to warn of possible ‘dangerous conditions’ on or near the campus and at affiliate organizations off campus; an ‘affirmative duty’ exists to warn persons associated with this university of possible peril at the hands of some third party or parties.”

Police are advising students to lock doors and windows and report all suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to campus police.