Penn State

Penn State reacts to scoreboard protests

The administration at Penn State knows the score: People were not happy with the new videoboards.

When the massive screens had their coming-out party at the home opener Sept. 6, the reaction was not exactly positive.

People looking for the score were disappointed. The displays were short on stats like who had the ball and who had how many points. Instead, they were heavy on advertisements.

“Are they for advertisements, or are they to track the game?” asked trustee Anthony Lubrano.

At the board of trustees meeting Friday, officials announced that would be corrected at the University of Massachusetts contest.

According to athletics department spokesman Jeff Nelson, the boards will now have the traditional scoreboard info, like score, time, quarter, down, and timeouts, displayed at all times on both boards, except at halftime or during timeouts.

The boards will also have rotating information on scoring and statistics, as well as scrolling data about other Big Ten games.