Penn State

On Centre: Penn State one of many ties that bind love

Every day at Penn State, there are countless times that this engineering student meets that theater major for the first time.

Every night, someone realizes that the guy from that fraternity is maybe a little bit sweeter than she thought the first time she met him.

With 46,000 undergraduate students at University Park alone, it isn’t a stretch to think that every day on campus, somewhere between Beaver Stadium and Old Main, Pattee Library and the HUB-Robeson Center, somebody is falling in love.

College, after all, is a great time to start down all kinds of happily-ever-after roads. Find a new interest. Find a career. Find a new city, new hobbies, new life.

That is why it is no surprise that people get engaged at Penn State, because sometimes, when you find what you want for the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to start right now.

It is also no surprise that so many people get married at Penn State.

The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel is the site of more than 50 weddings every year. On about a weekly basis, some Nittany Lion love story is sealed with a kiss in the Worship Hall or the Meditation Chapel.

Others choose to join their lives at the Arboretum, Penn Stater or Nittany Lion Inn.

Some people just want to memorialize the place where they fell in love with pictures at the Nittany Lion shrine, or maybe outside Medlar Field. How about getting his and hers scoops of Peachy Paterno at Berkey Creamery?

Sometimes, where you fall in love is such a part of your fairy-tale ending that you can’t imagine not making it a part of the ride into the sunset.