Penn State

Words to know for Thon

Here are a few words to know for this weekend's Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon at the Bryce Jordan Center. Thon is billed as the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.

Four Diamonds, the official beneficiary of Thon. It helps support families with children battling pediatric cancer. More than 300 Four Diamonds families are expected to attend Thon this weekend.

Hershey Medical Center, receives funding and grants to research causes, prevention, treatment and cure for pediatric cancer.

Canning is when students venture around the northeast region on selected weekends leading up to Thon to stand outside and solicit donations with metal cans to raise money for Four Diamonds.

FTK, often chanted and seen around the Bryce Jordan Center over the weekend, stands for For The Kids.

Dancers, this year there are 708 students who will stand and dance for 46 hours at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Line Dance, a dance taught to everyone in attendance and performed about once per hour throughout the event. It is set to a song featuring significant events from the past year.

Moralers, student volunteers who make sure everyone is having a fun weekend by playing games and keeping dancers motivated to stay on their feet.

Empower the Dreamers, this years Thon slogan.